Admaterials Technologies

  • Fully automated a cross OS (linux->windows) database backup process using msys2 and a bash script
  • Automated the deconflicting of a database with existing excel records with python + selenium
  • Debugged and integrated a new barcode scanner with an existing C# codebase
  • Automated a cross OS (linux->windows) database export to an excel file with a bash script and an AutoHotkey GUI wrapper
  • Wrote a Go program that converts excel data to html for company website
  • Wrote an AutoHotkey program that copies the html output and updates the relevant section of the company website automatically using Selenium

Quantum Inventions

  • Wrote a Microsoft Teams chatbot that integrated with Sentry to give developers real time updates on errors as they happen

Programming Experience


  • Completed a MOOC by France Université Numérique, ‘Introduction to Functional Programming in OCaml’, with an A+ grade.


  • Created websites using the LAMP stack


  • Used python with the pandas and numpy for large data preprocessing
  • Wrote a beautifulsoup4 web crawler to obtain relevant weather data


  • Used IntelliJ IDE to improve on an existing ‘Addressbook’ GUI application as part of a University Project that teaches Software Engineering practices


  • Tried creating a few Single Page Applications with React


  • C, Julia, Go, Lisp, VimL, Git, ARM Assembly, Verilog, PL/pgSQL

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